It is circular and it starts from the central square of the community. It is 5200 metres long and one needs approximately two and a half to three hours of hiking to cross it, always according to one’s pace.

The first part of the trail is 600 metres long and it crosses the village. Next, there is a 1300-metre-long section which is downhill in some parts and even in others, whereas the section of the trail which crosses the river bed is 800 metres long and relatively even. While exiting the river bed, the trail is uphill for about 1200 metres. Along this section, there are several benches for hikers to rest. The final section of the trail is 1300 metres long, slightly uphill but generally flat.   

Along the route, there are wooden arrows which assist hikers to follow the right course. Moreover, there are also 56 numbered signs placed along the trail. 

Points of interest

Forty signs concern plants that someone can encounter throughout the year. In particular, these refer to trees, bushes, shrubs, while less frequently they refer to perennial grasses, mosses and linchens. Included among these plants are nine endemic ones which flourish only in Cyprus and nowhere else in the world. 

Moreover, there are four signs in points of geological interest and which regard a) the geological formation of Kalavasos where there is gypsum, b) the geological formation of Lefkara, c) the river strips, and d) the geological formation of Pachna. What’s more, there are four signs concerning habitats and the vegetation along the ravine, four signs referring to cultivations, three signs pointing to bird-watching and observation points and one directing to a small canyon. However, apart from birds, you will also meet other noteworthy kinds of fauna such as mammals, reptiles and butterflies.   

Request to hikers

The Community Council of Amargeti expects all visitors and hikers to protect both the trail and themselves by:

  • Not lighting a fire anywhere along the trail.
  • Not smoking for the entire duration of the hike.
  • Not uprooting or destroying the plants.
  • Not intimidating, pursuing or killing animals.
  • Not littering.
  • Respecting the constructions and facilities for which an important amount of money has been spent.
  • Respecting private property.

My footprint is the only thing I will leave behind.

Text prepared by the Community Council of Amargeti

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