The Folklore Museumis located west of the village and is housed in the restored Turkish-Cypriot school.

The Museum presents tools of many traditional professions such as the one of the shoe maker, the horseshoe fixer, the blacksmith, the bee keeper, the barber, the shepherd, the farmer and the weaver. Moreover, also displayed is the equipment of a traditional house which includes kitchen utensils of a traditional kitchen and the traditional metal bed of the bedroom.

Historical Background of its establishment 
The Community Council decided on the creation of the Folk Art Museum aiming at attracting visitors, both from the interior and overseas.

The renovation of the building housing the Museum was entirely funded by the state in 2005. However, the internal space of the building was converted into a Museum some years later. In particular, the internal exhibition space of the Museum was completed in 2009.

Some of the exhibits of the Museum were donated by residents of the community, whereas the rest of them were bought from collectors. In order for the purchase of some of the exhibits to be achieved, the Association of Expatriates contributed the amount of 8500 Euros.

The Museum’s inauguration ceremony is planned to take place on October 11, 2009 and will be performed by the Minister of Interior, Mr. Neoclis Silikiotis.





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